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Posted on 07-18-2017

sMuffin's Musings - A Cat's Journey from Heavy to Healthy: #3

Hello again friends!

Well, good news and not as good news this week.

I’ll start with the not as good… I didn’t lose too much weight this week.  I didn’t gain any, but when they set me on the scale this week it very stubbornly announced in those ugly black numbers (I’m told) that I had not really lost any.  The Humans gave me a suspicious glance and said I’d been “snacking.”  I swear I have not.  Well, maybe a little… But the Other Cat’s food was right there! 
They have vowed to watch me more closely – and to keep “temptation” out of paw’s reach… They did say that I was moving around a lot better so it was easier for me to steal things.  I had to snicker just a little at that.  It’s tough, this diet thing!

The good news is that life is really becoming fun!  I’m getting used to all my treatments, and they really seem to be working! I feel better, so I’m getting out and trying new things.  I guess if anything is worth all the dietary restrictions, poking, prodding, and medication, it’s that I really feel like experiencing life.  I guess I am starting to see the argument against just sitting around looking gorgeous (which the Humans say I’m good at).

Muffin in laser protection glasses.  Cat laser therapy.

First off, a milestone:  I made it on to the couch by myself!  No, seriously!  The Humans were good about cheering this accomplishment.  The Humans themselves seem to enjoy the couch too, so I guess they understand my excitement at making it up there.  They don’t even kick me off when they sit on it. They appear pretty willing to share and even seem to enjoy it when I am up there with them.  Fancy that.  Of course, I’m a cat and sometimes I really have to make them understand that I’m not too enthusiastic about sharing things or being pet incessantly, so I have to leave.  I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea…

I have noticed that the humans seem to spend a lot of time flitting like flies around the other side of the hospital (away from The Patio).  I wasn’t sure where they were going in such a hurry, so I decided to find out.  Truth be told, there was a time where I would never have felt spry enough to bother with this endeavor, but now it seemed like a decent use of my new found energy.  Plus, they seemed so interested in whatever was going on… I wanted to see what was so entertaining.

Honestly, I can’t tell you what they find so compelling that they need to leave the Patio and the Couch.  There’s a hallway, and a big room with a bunch of noisy machines that they all seem really interested in.  Seriously, from the tiny boxes they call phones to these noisy beeping machines, I can’t conceive of what the Humans find so interesting about “electronics.”  There’s this one near the Couch with pictures on it that they just stare at.  Strange creatures indeed.
Down the hall there is a big heavy door.  Beyond it.. who knows.  There seems to be some pretty serious goings on out there, but at this time I doubt I could outrun the swing of the door (the Humans zoom through it at very high speeds).  Goal for another day, I guess.

Muffin made it to the couch!  Feline weight loss. Fat Cat

I did decide to try something else very exciting this week.  I found out later that it was very taboo, but so worth it!

See, the Patio has a gate that leads to the Outside.  The Outside is noisy, huge and pretty intimidating, so I’m glad the gate is there.  But still… Curiosity and The Cat (I shouldn’t perpetrate Feline stereotypes, but I guess it’s a bit true in this case).
The gate I guess is supposed to swing shut, but this time it didn’t…  They went out to do some Human stuff and didn’t notice that the gate was open a crack (well a large enough crack for me).  I just couldn’t resist.  I snuck out!
There are plants and dirt and a big wide world out there!  Before I would never have considered this exploration but I feel so good, I just had to treat myself.  I decided to try my paws at “hiking,” I think the Humans call it.  As far as I can tell, it’s just their word for marching around in the dirt.  I, on the other paw, made a science of it.  For the short time I was out there, I got to explore the dirt, the plants and the delightful little LIZARDS.  The latter, for the record, is my new obsession.  The Humans seem obsessed with me not killing these delightful creatures; but a cat’s gotta be a cat, and if they’re going to insist on making me into a lean mean Feline machine, they’ll have to deal with my kitty instincts.

Like all good things, this exploration had to come to an end when the Humans quickly realized about my escape.  I was unceremoniously collected and deposited back on the Patio.  Sadly, a sign has now been installed on the cursed gate proclaiming its propensity for not closing and my willingness to take advantage of it. 

Beware of Roaming Muffin Sign

I did her some talk of a “leash.”  Not sure exactly how I feel about this prospect..

Well that’s my latest report.  I thank everyone for cheering me on and look forward to telling you of my further adventures next time!

-Muffin the Explorer

Muffin's weight loss.  Fat cat. Feline weight loss.

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