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Posted on 09-21-2017

Hello again friends!

Seems I have gotten behind a bit on my blogs.  It’s been like a whirlwind here with so many “patients” (that’s what the Humans call the other animals in the clinic) coming through the doors!  They’ve been very busy and I’ve had plenty of work watching over all of it!

I was scolded (admittedly gently) on being behind on my blogs, so I figured I’d best get moving on it.  There is really only so much lecturing a cat can take!

The last couple weeks have been very good to me.  I have faithfully kept to my diet despite the barrage of Human food treats that are paraded in front of me on a daily basis.  I mean, on any given day in the Couch Room you can find doughnuts, pizza, fruit (yuck), chips and all other manner of food just LEFT OUT.  The Humans graze on it all day, but I’m supposed to stay away!  They tell me that the owners of the patients have been exceptionally kind lately, which is why there is so much food.  But seriously… It is really testing my will power!  They tell me I have been very good about it.  They also say they don’t think I can get up on the table in there – but you and I know better.

The last few weeks have meant big milestones for me.  For one thing, I am now officially a hunter!  Seriously!  The Humans barely notice, but my beloved Patio is absolutely teeming with critters—there are birds, all sorts of bugs, and LIZARDS.  I have been studying them for weeks, and it finally paid off - I caught a lizard!  Not one of those big slow ones, either; a little speedy one!  Unfortunately, celebration of my victory was short lived.  One of my Humans was hot on my proverbial heels and recovered my quarry before I was able to dispatch it.  The critter was properly stunned, but apparently still alive.  The Human made off with it and apparently “released” the lizard somewhere “safe.”

I take solace in the fact that there are a lot of other lizards out there.  I shall bide my time until the soft-hearted Humans are not watching.

I have explored the hospital further, too.  I found a room off the busy Treatment room they call “the Office.”  Everyone in there just seems to stare at big screens with nonsense on them; it would be terribly dull if there weren’t such nice places to sleep.  In a nice quiet corner I found a comfy bed.  It smells distinctly canine, but it fits me so well that I’m willing to put up with it.  I did, of course, find the source of the smell in question: a dog – the tall blonde one that doesn’t care for me.  She seems to live in the bed at least once a week, so I can’t sleep there then.  Lucky for me, I also found a chair in the room that is particularly comfortable.  It belongs to the Human they call “Aaron,” but when he’s not here, it belongs to me.  Even when he IS there, I sometimes make him share the chair with me. 

Speaking of “smell,” more good news: I am able to groom myself!  Cats are known as fastidious creatures and we pride ourselves on being able to keep clean without Human intervention.  It has been a secret source of embarrassment being unable to keep my own coat clean.  Water & shampoo baths have been an unfortunate side effect of my excessive weight and it had become a life goal of mine to be able eliminate these from my life.  Now, for the first time in a long time, I can groom my own back and flanks.  It’s not perfect, but far better than before and may mean fewer baths in my future.

I guess I should mention my biggest news.  A huge milestone in my journey from Heavy to Healthy.  I stepped on the scale to find I had not only made it below the 20lb mark, but I made it below 19lbs mark! As of my last weight, I am 18.8lbs. The Humans all cheered and squealed (as I have mentioned, they make a lot of noise) and I had to stand on the scale long enough to allow them to take pictures and congratulate me.  I guess it’s a pretty big deal. 

Those of you keeping up with me know that I started at 22lbs and with that came a host of health problems.  As of this writing, I have lost 3.2lbs and I can tell the difference.  This, along with my diet, exercise and treatments, has allowed me to experience so much life here at All Pets Animal Hospital, including catching a lizard and conquering the comfy couch!

I am really starting to enjoy my new life here at All Pets.  My new humans seem to adore me (who can blame them) and there are so many adventures to be had!  I still have a ways to go in my health journey, but I now know it can be done and it is worth it!  I hope my success can inspire other cats (and dogs too, I guess) to start their own health journey!

Until Next Time,

-Muffin the Hunter

Fredricka said:

I love your blog and am very proud of you. By the way, I'm familiar with the blond dog and need to warn you that she's a snooty one. Next time we're at All Pets, we'll say high and you can show off your new, slimmer body.

2017-09-21 20:13:30

J C Young said:

MUFFIN! Congratulations on your achievements! I am so happy for you. Keep up the good work and I can't wait until your next post. XOXOXO to you and your All Pets team.

2017-09-21 22:07:31

Juliette - All Pets said:

Muffin is a VERY special cat! She works very hard and her weight loss and has been come a valued and beloved member of our team. We are so glad that she joined us here!

2017-10-05 09:27:36

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