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Customer Service | Nursing Staff | Kennel Attendants

Lianne - Practice Manager

Lianne - Front Office Manager

Lianne has been with our hospital since 2006. All Pets was her first veterinary job after working for years as an oral surgery receptionist. Lianne's years of experience in customer care, her ability to organize, and her true compassion and patience for clients, coworkers and patients makes her an exceptional Manager.  Lianne is in the process of becoming a certified practice manager.

Lianne lives in San Diego with her husband and three daughters. 


Inventory Manager
Pam joined our team in 2010.  She has worked in the veterinary industry for many years as a Veterinary Assistant, a receptionist and even a manager.   She had worked with both Juliette and Dr. Loudis at other clinics before All Pets was opened. Pam's years of experience, knowledge and true love of our patients make her a real asset at our front desk.
Pam lives in San Diego with her son.  They share their home with a feisty young cat name Julian.  In her spare time, Pam enjoys adventuring with her son and watching football with her family.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service team are the smiling faces you meet when you walk through the door.  They are responsible greeting clients, scheduling appointments, handling medical charts, answering phone inquiries, triaging client questions and concerns, and helping our patients feel comfortable and loved. 
Customer care can be one of the most demanding jobs in the clinic - and they manage to do it with a smile and true compassion.


Customer Service Representative

Rachelle became a member of the All Pets team in December of 2015, after working as a Client Service Representative for a dental office and then a large veterinary specialty hospital.  Although she doesn't have any pets (yet), Rachelle adores all of our patients. Her cheerful, fun personality and ever-present smile make her an ideal part of our Customer Care team.

Rachelle currently lives in Vista.  In her spare time she loves binge watching her favorite shows with a big bowl of popcorn.  She also loves swing dancing and has played piano since she was 7 years old.


Customer Service Representative

Coming Soon!


Customer Service Representative

Coming Soon!


Customer Service Representative

McKinzie started working for All Pets Animal Hospital since early 2017 after moving to San Diego from Nebraska.  Before moving here, she worked as a Certified Nurse's Assistant.  McKinzie loves pets of all kinds and always has a smile for the owners, which makes her a great customer service representative.

McKinzie now lives in San Diego where she shares her life with Sylvester, a tuxedo cat.  Back home, her corgi Mia is cared for and loved by McKinzie's mom.  When not working, studying, or hanging with Sylvester, McKinzie loves exploring San Diego, hanging out with friends, and going to our beautiful beaches.

Nursing Staff

Our Nursing Staff is a dedicated group Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs), Veterinary Assistants and Technician Assistants who provide expert loving care to your pets when they are in our hospital.  Our nursing staff is responsible for everything from taking patient histories, to medical treatments, to monitoring anesthesia.  Because we know this is a tall order, we make sure our nursing staff are experienced, educated and as caring about your pets as are our doctors.

Danielle RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
Danielle came to us in January of 2014 after working at another general practice and a large Avian/Exotic practice.  She eared her RVT license at Mesa college and has also attended CSU San Marcos.  Danielle is very dedicated to her profession and spends a lot of time learning more about veterinary medicine and animal care in general.  She has a special interest and knowledge in reptiles and other exotic pets, all of which make her a natural and valued member of our nursing staff.

Danielle shares her home with several pets: "Rex" a spoiled Iguana, "Phoenix" and "Jimmy" who are both Leopard Geckos, and "Willie" the cat.  When not working, Danielle enjoys cooking, reading, watching anime, sci fi and horror films, reptile "geek outs" (such as cage-building, etc), and urban exploring.


Veterinary Assistant
Jessica started working for All Pets in early 2014.  She came to us after working as a kennel attendant for another high-quality hospital.  She came to us with a desire to learn more of the medical aspect of pet care.  With her kind, caring personality and ability to learn quickly, Jessica excels at being a Veterinary Assistant.

Jessica lives with her husband and daughter.  They share their home with several beloved pets: Nala, a Heeler Mix, "Twinkle" and "Precious," two guinea pigs, "Stella" and "Jackie" the snakes, "Little Foot" the tortoise, and "Fat Elvis" a recently rescued senior cat.  When she's not working, Jessica loves to hike, play with her pets and spend time with with her family.



Photo of Laurie

Veterinary Assistant

Laurie has been working for All Pets since mid 2015.  She has been a veterinary assistant nearly her entire working life.  Laurie is currently going to school so that she will be able to sit for California RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) exam.  Her exceptional technical skills, dedication to her job and her love for animals make her an important member of our technical team.

Laurie lives with her husband in Oceanside.  They share their home with Francine, a loving rescued stray dog, and Evil the cat.  When not working, Laurie enjoys traveling, the beach, hiking, camping and fishing.


Veterinary Assistant

Meagan joined All Pets Animal Hospital in early 2016 after moving down from Santa Barbara where she worked as a Veterinary Assistant.  Meagan works hard, has great assistant skills and is a fast learner. Additionally, she is wonderful with clients and truly loves our patients, which is a great combination to be a member our our technician team.

Meagan lives in San Diego and currently attends Mesa College.  She hopes to one day attend the Veterinary Technician program at Mesa College to become and RVT.  When not working or studying, Meagan loves to paint and spend time with her chihuahua, Thor.


Veterinary Assistant

Rachael is another return employee to All Pet Animal Hospital.  She returned to our hospital in 2016 after a maternal hiatus.  Racheal has worked in the veterinary industry for many years, in a variety of clinics and for the North County Humane Society.  She attended the PIMA medical Vet Assistant program as well as the Veterinary Allied Staff Education Veterinary Technician program.
Rachael is extremely well versed in veterinary support care, is excellent at organizing and directing cases and schedules, and absolutely adores her patients.  For these reasons and more we were excited to have her back at our hospital.

When not at work Rachael spends most of her time with her husband and their beautiful daughter.  They love to hike, garden, spend time outdoors, raise butterflies and just have "family time."  The family shares there home with several pets: a Red-Bellied Parrot named Kaya, 5 Leopard tortoises: Vindicator Leonitis, Maximus, Chloe, and Susy Baby Turtle, and 2 dogs and Rocco and Pebbles.


Veterinary Assistant

Josh is a return employee to All Pets.  Prior to college, Josh worked for us as a kennel technician.  He eventually went off to seek an undergraduate degree at UC Davis and ultimately received his bachelor's degree.  Once he graduated, Josh came to us in search of a job, and we were excited to hire him back.  He ultimately hopes to return to school to become a veterinarian.

Josh is smart, friendly and a hard working, making him an excellent member of our nursing staff.  He is great with both people and pets and has learned many new things in a short amount of time.  While he was in school, Josh also worked in the animal health technology department at UC Davis, meaning he came to us with many great skills that he can apply to his job here.

Josh lives in San Diego with his cat Mia.  He enjoys going to the gym, reading, playing videogames, studying and a playing with Miss Mia.  He hope to one day soon attend veterinary school.


Veterinary Assistant

Melinda came to San Diego from Vermont and joined our hospital in 2016.  Before moving to San Diego, she held a variety of animal related jobs including working on a dairy farm, a goat farm, working as a zoo keeper, veterinary technician at a general practice and veterinary technician at an emergency hospital.  Melinda attended Vermont Technical College where she received a degree in Veterinary Technology.  

Melinda is exceptional with both clients and patients.  She is well-versed as a veterinary technician and is both easy and fun to work with.  We are very excited that she joined our staff after moving to San Diego!

Melinda loves exploring San Diego.  She especially loves live music, hiking, brunching and "whatever [her] dog wants to do."  She lives in San Diego with her dog, a Golden Retriever named Steven Tyler.


Veterinary Assistant

Katey joined our staff in 2017.  Before All Pets, Katey worked at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital.  She also attended Bellvue College and the UW Nursing program.  Katey adores her patients and can often be found delivering comfort and baby talk to animals in the hospital  She is "learning the ropes" very quickly, is an exceptional VA and as a bonus is a lot of fun to work with.

Katey loves to spend time outdoors hiking, running, and playing fetch with her dog, Sirius.  She also enjoys spending time with her niece and reading.  Aside from her passion for the veterinary industry, Katey loves Golden Retrievers; she hopes to become a permanent foster for Golden Retriever Rescue.

Gabriela (Gabby)

Veterinary Assistant

Gabriela joined All Pets Animal Hospital in 2017.  Gabby moved from Brazil where she had graduated from Veterinary School.  She is working as a veterinary assistant why completing the prerequisites in hopes of becoming a veterinarian in the United States.  Gabby's knowledge, skills, and wonderful personality make her an great veterinary technician and a valued part of our team.

When not at work, Gabriela likes to spend time with her husband exploring new places.  They love spending time with friends, going to the beach, working out at the gym and playing with their dog , Coline and Cat, Nala.


Veterinary Assistant

Before moving back to San Diego and joining the All Pets Team, Stephanie worked as a veterinary technician for a surgical specialty clinic in Arizona.  She joined our hospital in 2017.  Stephanie has exceptional nursing and surgical skills that have proven extremely valuable "behind the scenes" at our hospital.  In addition, she is great with both clients and patients - so we consider ourselves lucky to have her!

Stephanie lives in North County with her son and their 2 dogs, a boxer named Frito and a mixed breed named Chica Sue.  When not working, Stephanie loves to run, go to the beach, walk her dogs and spend time with her Son.


Veterinary Assistant

Dominique is not in her second time around at All Pets.  She rejoined our staff in 2017 after moving back to San Diego from the central valley.  Before coming to our hospital, Dom worked at a few other animal hospital as well as the Atlanta Humane Society.  In the near future, she would like to go back to school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.  Dominique's funny, no-drama personality and genuine love for all of our patients is why we love having her at our hospital (and why we were excited to hire her back!)

Outside of work Dom loves going to the beach, watching Netflix, and reading as many fantasy novels as she can get her hands on.  She says she would also love to learn to SCUBA dive soon, too!
Dominique lives in Oceanside with her cats Yarl Borg and Judas Moon, and her dog, an "chiweenie" named Paris Italy.


Technician Assistant

Morgan has been with our hospital since August of 2016 after working as a kennel and veterinary assistant for a small clinic in San Diego.  Morgan hopes to gain the knowledge and training to one day become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Morgan is exceptionally kind, friend and patient, which makes her a great choice to help care for our boarding, grooming and hospitalized patients while assisting the technician staff in their many tasks. She has a true love for our patients, which is evident in everything she does.

Morgan lives in La Mesa with "Lucy," a Golden Retriever, "PeeWee," a parakeet, and her two cats, "Bug" and "Buttons."  Morgan loves taking Lucy to Dog Beach, going to the movies, visiting museums and Balboa Park, and catching up on her "animal knowledge."

It takes Morgan nearly an hour to get to work at All Pets, but she says it is "so worth it."  We love having her, too!


Technician Assistant

Isley came to work for us in early 2016, as a high school student wanting experience in the veterinary field.  All Pets was Isley's first job, and she took to it brilliantly.  Isley is still in high school but hopes to attend college and eventually veterinary school.  Isley confesses that she could not stand the sight of blood before coming to work for us, but she has gotten past that and thinks she's ready for a life in the veterinary field!

Isley is smart, hard working, kind and a true animal lover.   She works well with both animals and people, and learned her new job quickly.  Our staff is excited to train her new skills and we are sure she will gain plenty of experience before heading off to school!

Isley lives in Carlsbad with her family.  They share their home with Kitty, a 17-year old cat, Obie, a 3-year old Pit Bull, Tildy, a 6-year old mixed breed, and scores of foster kittens.  When not working, studying and taking care of kittens, Isley likes to read, write, paint, and hike.

Kennel Staff

Our kennel staff are responsible not only for the cleanliness of the hospital, but for the care, comfort and TLC of our patients.  Our kennel staff are hard-working and compassionate - making sure that your pets are comfortable and well cared for while they are here.


Get To Know Our Online Pharmacy!

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I am so pleased to become a patient of this wonderful clinic; Dr. Lamoree is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain options and in terms understood by me. I will recommend this clinic to all of my friends with pets. Thank you for your caring.

San Marcos, CA

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