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All Pets Animal Hospital Bed and Bath

Boarding for All Pets! Image of Dog in Boarding RunDo you worry about your pets when you're away?  Do you have a pet with special needs?  We may be your answer!

All Pets Animal Hospital is happy to announce our new Pet Boarding Service.  While this is ideal for our patients with special needs, we are happy to offer our boarding services to any of our patients! 

Dog Boarding

Our doggy guests stay in one of our recently renovated runs in our hospital.  The runs are safe, secure and well padded with comfortable bedding. 

Our run area is equipped with music specially developed to calm dogs.  We also use an Adaptil Canine Pheromone Diffuser, which is designed to help dogs feel calm in stressful situations.

Our staff provides lots of TLC and watches your pet carefully for signs of illness and distress.

If you have more than one dog, and they would prefer to be boarded together, we can board your dogs in the same run with discounted boarding prices per dog.

Dog Boarding Includes:

  • Overnight stays in our safe, comfortable runs
  • Feeding twice daily (our food or food you provide)
  • 3-4 short walks a day
  • TLC time with our staff members every day.

Cat Boarding

To keep our cat friends comfortable and free from stress, our new "cat condos" are completely separated from our dog kennel and bathing area.  Our new condos are bright and open, with small separated "rooms" for the litter box and for the food.

Our cat boarding area is equipped with a Feliway Pheromone Diffuser, which is designed to help cats feel calmer in stressful situations.

Cat Boarding Includes:

  • Overnight stays in our safe,  clean, comfortable cat condo
  • Feeding twice daily (our food or food you provide)
  • TLC time & brushing with our staff members every day (unless this makes your cat feel stressed).

Boarding "Exotics"

We are happy to accommodate our Reptile, Amphibian and Small Mammal friends in our boarding facility. 

Because these pets have special needs and care, we may have special requirements for their boarding (such as bringing their cage, food, etc.).  Please call us if you are interested in boarding your exotic pets. 

*Technically, we do not have adequate facilities to board birds.  We MAY be able to make exceptions - based on availability and space.  Please call for details.

Boarding Requirements

To ensure the safety of all of our patients, we strictly observe the following requirements:

Dogs and Cats:

  • Current on Health Exam (yearly for dogs & cats under 7, every 6 months for pets over 7)
  • Current on Necessary Vaccines: DAPP, Bordatella and Rabies (dogs) or FVRCP and Rabies (cats)
    • Yearly vaccine titers for Distemper and Parvo are accepted in leu of a DAPP vaccine
    • Vaccine requirement (DAPP and Bordatella only) may be waived if our veterinarian has determined vaccines to be medically detrimental
    • Rabies vaccines are required for the safety of our staff
  • Current on Yearly Fecal:  We require proof of a negative fecal Ova, Parasite and Giardia within the last 12 months
  • Currently on Flea Control
    • Pets NOT on flea control will be given a Capstar treatment upon admission
    • Even pets on flea control will be flea-combed during intake.  If fleas are found on the pet, they will be administered a Capstar treatment
  • Temperament able to handle stress associated with grooming


  • Current on Yearly Exam
  • Proof of negative Avian Chlamydia/Psittacosis test

Small Mammals

  • Current on yearly exam with our hospital
  • Free from obvious health conditions
  • Temperament able to handle stress associated with Boarding

If you have any questions about grooming or any of our services, do not hesitate to give us a call at: (760) 634-2022!