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Pest Control


If you have a dog or cat, dealing with parasites is an unfortunate part of being a pet owner. Since parasites carry disease and cause distress to pets, it is best to take some preventative measures to keep these pests at bay. Contact All Pets Animal Hospital in Encinitas to help with this endeavor. We service dogs, cats, and exotic animals of all types. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help keep your pet pest-free.

Preventing Heartworm

Heartworm is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. If a dog or cat already has heartworm, and a mosquito bites them, the mosquito will carry the virus and transmit it to additional pets that it bites. It is very important to try to keep the mosquito population around your home at a minimum so the virus is not as likely to be contracted. Cover or drain standing water, make sure your home has screens without holes, and see our veterinarian for a heartworm treatment.

Preventing Fleas

Fleas hang out in the dirt and jump onto pets when they walk by. They may also jump onto people, making indoor pets as much at risk as those that go outdoors. It is best to treat dogs and cats with a topical medication to keep fleas from staying alive should they jump onto a host. This type of medication needs to be administered monthly and can be prescribed by our veterinarian.

Preventing Ticks

Ticks can cause painful bites and carry the risk of Lyme disease. Check your dog or cat for these parasites each time they return to your home from the outdoors. If you notice a tick, pull it for their fur with a pair of tweezers, being sure to grasp the mandible portion so it completely releases from your pet's skin. Topical medications also help keep ticks off of the skin.

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