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Schedule Wellness Exams at All Pets Veterinary Services in Encinitas


If you bring a new pet into the home, the first thing you should do is schedule your wellness exam; veterinarians at All Pets Animal Hospital in Encinitas are available to assess your pet’s health and determine if there are any issues or problems to be aware of. Early detection not only impacts treatment success for many conditions but also protects other animals and pets in the household.

What we Provide at a Wellness Exam

Wondering what happens at a wellness exam? Typically, the animal hospital or your veterinary provider looks at a range of things, including trying to get-to-know your pet and identify a health baseline for future visits.

Some things the vet will do are:

  • Talk about your pet, and they may ask questions related to lifestyle, exercise, habits, and the approximate age of your pet. Other information that may be discussed includes the pet’s breed and species, especially if it is an exotic pet.
  • The vet will weigh your pet and assign a score based on the physical body condition of the animal. This may impact diet and lifestyle recommendations.
  • The veterinarian tests and checks all the major systems in the body, such as cardiac, circulatory, gastrointestinal, muscular, reproductive, neurological, respiratory, and takes a closer look at your pet’s skin or coat. Expect them to check your pet’s eyes, ears, and throat, too.
  • Your vet will discuss diet during your wellness exam and make food recommendations.
  • The veterinarian will likely give a quick dental exam and discuss basic oral hygiene with you.
  • Your vet will likely discuss things like supplements, flea/tick preventatives, and talk about medications, past and current.

This is also the perfect time to engage with your veterinarian and ask any questions if you have any.

Have a new pet? Call us today for a wellness examination with our veterinarian. 

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